AquascapePRO Black Waterfall Foam


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AquascapePRO Black Waterfall Foam  

Perfect your water features with the AquascapePRO Black Waterfall Foam! Waterfall Foam will re-direct water and fill gaps in waterfalls and streams during or after water feature installation. Our foam dries faster, lasts longer, and the 24 oz. can is equivalent to five DIY Black Waterfall Foam cans.   AquascapePRO Waterfall Foam allows for precise dispersion of foam, making it simple and easy to complete your water feature. The can is specially designed to create an air and moisture-tight seal, providing maximum foam yield and minimal waste during use. For use with Aquascape Foam Gun Applicators. Aquascape is passionate about the products we produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.

  • Re-direct water and fill gaps in waterfalls and streams
  • Dries faster and lasts longer
  • Equivalent to Five DIY Black Waterfall Foam Cans
  • Maximum foam yield
  • Minimizes waste

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Weight 5.2 lbs