KH/Alkalinity Test Kit


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Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit  

The Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit measures KH and Alkalinity concentrations in ponds and aquariums. This easy-to-use kit provides accurate, laboratory-quality testing that is simple to complete with the provided step-by-step instructions. 60 tests are included in each kit and all necessary components are included. Carbonate hardness or KH/Alkalinity has an intricate relationship with pH and the buffering capacity of pond or aquarium water, making it important to monitor in certain ponds. The Aquascape KH/Alkalinity Test Kit is also ideal for optimizing the benefits provided by the Aquascape IonGen System.   Aquascape is passionate about the products we produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.

  • Measures KH/Alkalinity
  • Accurate, laboratory-quality testing
  • Easy to use
  • 60 tests per kit


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