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Pond Aerator – Comes with a small air compressor generating 7 1/2 cuft/hr and uses 5 watts per hr, two 1/4″ nipples, two 30′ 1/4 inch air lines, & two replaceable air-stone. This Pond Aerator is good for pond up to 500 gallons. Mount the aerator compressor in a dry location and feed the air lines into your pond. During the warmer months, the air stones should be in the deepest part of the pond to add oxygen to the stagnant areas. This additional oxygen will help breakdown fish waste and other decaying organic matter much quicker. Your pond and its inhabitants will be much better for it. During the cold winter months, raise the air stones to a shelf that is around 12 inches from the surface. This will keep the warmer water down in the bottom of the pond so your fish wont freeze, but yet keep a hole open in the ice so the harmful gases form the decaying organic matter can vent to the atmosphere.

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