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This multifunctional pond filter has included the following:

  • 528GPH(2000L/H) highly efficient pond pump.
  • 12V, 9W subersible safety UV-C.
  • Fountain device with multi spraying patterns of fountain nozzles.
  • High quality filtrate material.
  • Clean up to 1300 gallon pond
  • Unit size: 16″ x 11″(w) x 6″(h)
  • Nozzle size: 12″ to 16″ adjustable and extensible depending on pond depth
  • Pump cord length: 9.8′
  • UV-C cord length: 16′

How does it work?
Stage 1 – Mechanical Filtration
Pond water is pumped into the filter to begin the mechanical filtration stage, this stage uses two special designed foam sponge to effectively remove all sizes of unwanted debris.

Stage 2 – Biological Filtration
This stage uses bio-rocks providing a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria naturally convert harmful ammonia and other wastes
into healthy nitrates that fertilize aquatic plants and support a healthy pond environment.

Stage 3 – UV Filtration
The final filtering stage uses a low voltage, Ultra-Violet(UV) light, Exposure to the UV light kills algae as the water passes through the filter on its way back to your pond.

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