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UltraSkimâ„¢ skimmers save time by automatically sweeping the pond surface clean, depositing leaves and debris into an easy-to-clean debris net. The debris net and filter brushes act as a pre-filter for the pump,
preventing leaves and debris from clogging it, thus reducing maintenance normally associated with placing a pump on the bottom of a pond.

Key Features:

  • Requires 2 to 3 minutes every other week to clean while standing outside the pond
  • Excellent pre-filter for a biological filter, such as the Aquascape UltraFallsâ„¢
  • Hides pump and plumbing from view
  • Easily attaches and seals to EPDM pond liners


  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

What’s Included

  • Debris net
  • Three filter brushes
  • 2″ FPT bulkhead fitting
  • Slip fitting for 1-1/2″ (UltraSkimâ„¢ 6) or 2″ (UltraSkimâ„¢ 8)   flex PVC tubing
  • Overflow fitting for 1-1/2″ (UltraSkimâ„¢ 6) or 2″ (UltraSkimâ„¢ 8) flex PVC tubing
  • Durable lid
  • Skimmer weir door
  • Fish-safe silicone and hardware to attach EPDM pond liner

Additional information

Weight 7.48 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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