Fountains are the most versatile water feature today. They can be indoor or outdoor, submersible or freestanding & can easily be suited to anyone’s taste or lifestyle. A submersible pond fountain can turn an ordinary backyard pond into an illumination of light, texture, and sound.

Fountains | Dallas-Fort Worth MetroplexNot only will a fountain bring beauty to your water feature, it will also aerate your pond, lake or water garden. There are even solar powered fountains available for the environmentalist or cost-conscience consumer! This is a great advantage especially if you have koi, goldfish, or any other breed of pond fish. Moving water will discourage detrimental bacteria, algae growth, mosquitoes and help keep your pond healthy and clean year round!!

In the summer when the temperature rises, the oxygen levels in your pond decrease making it necessary to aerate the water garden in order to provide enough oxygen for your fish. A submersible fountain is also a great resource for mosquito control by keeping otherwise stagnant water moving. Installing a submersible fountain will allow beneficial bacteria to lower nutrient loads, thereby inhibiting extreme algae blooms.

During the winter months dead vegetation & other organic matter that has built up on the pond bottom will cause toxic gases to build. Having a fountain will keep an opening in the ice allowing the toxic gases to escape & oxygen to enter, thereby preventing winter fish kill.

Adding a fountain will not only enhance the appearance of your water feature, it will also increase their natural life. Water fountains bring beauty and a touch of serenity to any living space, be it indoors or out.   They have long held a place in society and can be traced as far back as Roman times. Originally used as a place of gathering or to fetch water, fountains still hold a place in today’s world. Take a walk through the mall and see how many people are gathered around the indoor water fountain. People are naturally drawn to the water, whether it’s for social reasons or for just a place to sit and contemplate.

Whatever your taste may be, traditional or contemporary fountains, indoor or outdoor fountains, water or rock fountains, or oriental bamboo fountains, Sublime can design and install a fountain to suit your particular taste and style. Whether you’re adding a water garden fountain or a freestanding fountain, Sublime Water Gardens can help you bring the timeless beauty and serenity of water into your own living space.

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