Natural Swimming/Organic Pools

Natural Swimming/Organic Pools | Dallas-Fort Worth MetroplexNatural or organic swimming pools are a growing trend in luxury resorts and homes across Europe and worldwide for health, environmental and aesthetic purposes.   For the same cost of building a conventional pool as well as the added benefit of lower maintenance costs, you too can enjoy resort-quality indulgence in the comfort of your own backyard with a natural garden pool. This fairly new concept is a combination of a swimming pool & pond, encompassing all the benefits that each has to offer.

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  • COST:
    In most cases, a natural pool costs the same as a conventional swimming pool. Although building materials may vary according to the homeowner’s preferences natural pools are equally affordable in comparison to the unnatural alternative.

    Compared to any other type of swimming pool, swimming ponds require the least maintenance from the homeowner for several reasons.   Lush vegetation is housed in what is called a “regeneration zone,” which functions to naturally cleanse & filter the water. Plants & beneficial bacteria, as well as quality equipment, serve in this self-cleaning process to prevent harmful bacteria from growing.

    What is a Natural Swimming Pool and How Does it Work?

    Organic swimming pools use gravel stone and clay instead of manufactured unnatural materials, thereby blending into one’s landscape easily. Rather than using harsh chemicals and algaecides, the water is pumped through the skimmer & down the waterfall through the regeneration zone, all while creating a natural ecological balance. The plants also function to oxygenate the water, helping the beneficial bacteria grow that will in turn consume decaying debris and harmful bacteria. The water in these pools is crystal clear and looks just as appealing, if not better, than the traditional pool with the chemical based filtration system. Underwater lights, submersible pond fountains & other accessories can be installed like any traditional pool or pond.

    We, as a society, have steered so far away from nature we forget all that the earth provides. More than ever before people are aware of the “green” movement. Natural swimming pools are a great alternative to the traditional swimming pool and fit right in to the “Going Green” lifestyle.  Rejuvenate mind, body & soul by simply going all natural!

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