Water Gardens

Transform your traditional landscape into waterfront property easily by including a custom water garden in your outdoor living space. The demands of today’s hectic lifestyle quickly diminish when relaxing with friends & family nearby a backyard garden pond. Think about how you feel when you hear the soft trickle of flowing water. You automatically feel calm & relaxed. Flowing water relaxes the mind, which relaxes the body, which brings back the natural balance in all of us.

Water Gardens | Dallas-Fort Worth MetroplexAt Sublime Water Gardens we feel building a water feature is creating a work of art. After all, your water garden will be the focal point of your yard. We use state-of-the-art filtration systems, pond pumps & skimmers available in the market today, keeping your water garden as easy to maintain as possible. All indoor & outdoor ponds are installed with the highest quality rubber pond liner & we only use “fish safe” underwater sealant in our pond construction. The addition of pond plants & koi or goldfish will not only enhance the beauty of your water feature, but they will also help to maintain its ecological balance naturally. Although butterfly koi & goldfish are the most popular, there are still many kinds of pond fish to choose from. Did you know that watching fish or flowing water streams will help you to relax, decreasing stress levels? It is for that reason we see many businesses, such as a medical offices, retirement communities & corporate offices, incorporating a water garden, fountain or atrium for their employees, customers &/or residents to unwind during the day.

The first step is to decide what type of water feature you want to build whether it be a water garden, bog garden, backyard pond, aquatic garden, Asian-inspired water feature, a Japanese koi pond, pondless waterfall or an indoor pond. The second step is to choose the area you want to build in. For example, you wouldn’t want to build your water garden under a tree, due to falling debris. Just as you wouldn’t t want to build your pond in full sunlight, as sunlight promotes algae growth. The best water garden is one that maintains its own bacteria balance. A good location for a backyard pond is about 5-6 hours of sunlight per day, away from trees & falling debris.

We offer a wide variety of pond plants & underwater LED & halogen lights to complete your water garden.   Whether you decide to go with a contemporary, traditional or oriental style garden feature, the possibilities are endless. We can make your water feature as unique & one of a kind as you are!! Call Sublime Water Gardens today & see how a water garden can enrich your life!!

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