Pondless Waterfalls FAQs

Q: What is a disappearing pondless waterfall & how does it work?

A: The mechanics of a pondless waterfall are essentially the same as a traditional pond, without the body of water. The feature gives the illusion that the water is disappearing into a bed of gravel, which is basically a hole, dug to house the pump, functioning to circulate the water. This is why it has earned the nickname, “Disappearing Waterfall.”

Q: What is the price difference in the construction of a pondless waterfall vs. a koi pond or water garden?

A: In regards to the construction, there is not much difference in price. However many factors are considered during the design phase which can play an important role in determining the overall installation price, such as: water feature size, addition of stream, materials, etc… Real savings are realized in the monthly maintenance of your water feature. Most pond-keepers enjoy “accessorizing” with fish, plants, and fountains for their pond. Pondless owners lack the need for these items and some of the preventative water treatments that are required for full ponds to function properly. In addition, pondless owners have the capability of turning off their water feature without disturbing the natural biological balance, allowing for more savings from utilities.

Q: What are the benefits of a pondless waterfall vs. a koi pond or water garden?

A: There are numerous reasons why one would opt for a pondless waterfall rather than a traditional pond. Its increasing popularity is a great alternative for those with limited space, budget constraints, safety concerns, and for water gardening amateurs.

Limited Space: Don’t be disappointed if your landscape does not allow for a full size pond! Because pondless features make use of vertical space, they can easily be incorporated into the smallest of spaces.

Budget Constraints: In most cases, a pondless waterfall requires less labor, materials & operating costs in comparison to a pond containing a body of water. However, don’t think you’re being short-changed! With the addition of a stream, aquatic plants, LED lighting & the homeowner’s personal touch, pondless waterfall designs are just as beautiful as traditional water gardens.

Safety Concerns: An ideal alternative for those concerned for the safety of small children, pondless waterfalls embrace the sound & movement of running water without the drowning hazard of a traditional water garden.

Maintenance Requirements: The maintenance requirements for a pondless waterfall are significantly reduced due to the absence of the pool of water, which is an excellent option for individuals new to the world of watergardening. Routine maintenance of your pondless water feature includes nothing more than topping-off with water, which is lost due to evaporation &/or splash, & perhaps the occasional addition of a natural algaecide &/or beneficial bacteria recommended for optimal water clarity. Since the pondless waterfall is virtually maintenance free, it is a great choice for the retiree or those with an active lifestyle.

Q: Can I have aquatic plants in a pondless waterfall?

A: Marginal plants do wonders for softening the rough edges of stone hardscapes and will thrive along the waters edge. However, deeper aquatic plants such as lotus & water lilies are out of the question with pondless features.

Q: Can I put fish in a pondless water feature?

A: If you want the fish to live, then the answer is no. Because there is no actual body of water, the fish would have an extremely difficult time being circulated through the pump and other equipment. However, pondless waterscapes are almost irresistible when it comes to attracting other types of wildlife such as butterflies, dragonflies & a wide variety of feathered friends.

Q: Will a pondless waterfall attract mosquitoes?

A: No need to worry about your water feature becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes because there will be no standing, stagnant water present. The waterfall & flowing stream will actually deter mosqutoes, but WILL attract butterflies, dragonflies, & a wide variety of feathered friends!

Q: Does my pondless water feature need to run 24 hours a day?

A: The answer is no. The ability to turn off the waterfall is only 1 of the luxuries that accompany pondless waterfalls, and is a large reason why these waterscapes are growing exponentially in popularity!. Going on vacation? No need to worry about water levels or pump clogs while you’re away! Pondless owners have the capability of turning off their water feature without disturbing the natural biological balance, and therefore can rest easy when away for business or pleasure!

With that being said, you may opt for a putting your pondless waterfall on a timer, just as you would your landscape lighting or irrigation system. This will allow for your water feature to be enjoyed only when people are home, rather than running when there is no one present to enjoy it. You may save a bit more in utilities doing this as well!

Q: What kind of maintenance can I expect with a disappearing pondless feature?

A: The pondless fountain-concept is great for those that want a waterfall or the sound of running water without actually having a pond, fish and the maintenance that is associated with a traditional water garden. Other than the occasional routine maintenance, which can last no more than 5 minutes per week if constructed properly, pondless waterscapes are essentially maintenance free! With the incorporation of an autofill valve, allowing the pond to maintain a proper water level on its own, this type of water feature is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

And for the amateurs with a bright future in the water gardening world, pondless features can easily be transformed into a full-fledged pond. Anyone can have the beauty and serenity of a water feature with a pondless waterfall!! Turn your yard into an oasis today with a pondless waterfall designed specifically for you!

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