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Zeigler Finfish Silver is an economical fishmeal-based diet formulated to feed a variety of omnivorous and piscivorous aquatic animals with moderate protein requirements. This diet provides a highly digestible, low pollution option for many applications including ponds, recirculation systems or flow-through raceways. Comes in 1/8” pellets or 3/16” pellets.

Features & Benefits:
Ingredient selection based on true finfish digestibility testing.
Balanced amino acid profile.
Phosphorus levels below 1.12%.
Protein sparing reduces nitrogen discharge and improves profits.
Meets FDA requirements regarding restrictions on mammalian protein sources.

Crude protein (min.)………..40%
Crude fat (min.)……………10%
Crude fiber (max.)…………..4%

This product contains marine protein and oil products, processed grain and vegetable products, processed poultry by-products, vitamins (including stable vitamin C), minerals and amino acids.