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Water Art
Water Art | Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Water: the essence of life. Without water life would cease to exist. Water cleanses us, refreshes us, sustains us, soothes us, and stimulates us. Take a moment and think of all the things we do in the course of a day that involve water. Water is the most diverse of all of nature’s elements. It can be used for utilitarian purposes or can be enjoyed for its simplistic beauty and serenity.

As times change so do our tastes. What was popular and all the rage back in 1930 has long been forgotten. As we move away from traditional landscapes we are approaching an almost “anything goes” attitude when it comes to our homes and yards. Water art is one of the fastest growing areas in the home improvement industry today. This is where you can really express your individuality and creativity.   One of the most popular mediums in contemporary water art today is water with sculpture. It is a delight for both sight and sound. Garden water fountains can be anything from a huge custom water feature to a small bubbling vase (almost any vase or container can be turned into a vase feature or vase fountain), bubbling rocks, rock fountains, Zen gardens, or a custom fountain. It’s all about whatever appeals to you. Corporate office building, town squares & retail shops are using simple water art to enhance dead space, creating a more leisure environment for employees & passerby’s.

Sublime Water Gardens can help you turn your dream living space into a reality. We pride ourselves on designing unique indoor & outdoor water art. So if you’re tired of that cookie-cutter yard, give Sublime Water Gardens a call and put some individuality back into your life with an original water art design.

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