Pond Tint – Concentrated Pond Dye


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Concentrated pond dye is designed for use in water gardens and koi ponds. Gives pond water a dark blackish-blue appearance. Concentrated Serenity pond dye is designed for use in water gardens and koi ponds. Gives pond water a dark blackish-blue appearance.
Pond Dye in Water Gardens
The thought of adding dye to your water garden may seem like a foreign concept! Why would you want to add color to the water that you’re working so hard to keep clear? Well, there are aesthetic reasons and some practical reasons, too.
Understanding Pond Dye
Pond dye such gives shaded ponds a rich look and turns a brown or gray water feature into a stunning pool that reflects the trees and landscape. When added to your pond, pond dye will spread throughout the water column within a few hours to form a safe, protective barrier to keep water shaded from the sun as well as enhancing depth and contrast. Pond dyes are completely safe for people, fish, pets, plants, and birds.
Why Add Pond Dye
Shaded pond water naturally stays clearer than pond water in full sun. If a pond does not have significant surface plant coverage it is a good idea to use pond tint. Aside from providing shade, pond dye also:

  • Simulates Depth: Some people use dye in their ponds to make a shallow pond seem deeper. If you have a 14-inch-deep pond, adding dark blue dye can make it seem 5 feet deep. The optical illusion creates a mirroring effect that appeals to many pond owners.
  • Provides Fish Safety: When predators fly overhead or lurk alongside the pond, a little pond dye goes a long way in protecting your fish. Naturally, koi and goldfish dive to the bottom of the pond when herons or raccoons threaten them. Pond dye provides cover to keep them out of sight and free from harm’s way. Koi and goldfish will dart to your pond’s dark depths when a heron or raccoon threatens them. The pond dye serves a similar purpose.
  • Improves Aesthetics: Of course, aesthetics remain an important reason why folks use dye in their ponds. A sapphire blue pond or a rich reflective pond mimics what you’d find in nature. Couple that with a tranquil landscape, and you have an attractive water feature.

For year-long benefits, apply in the early spring and continue to apply as needed to maintain a rich blue color all season long. Water temperature has no effect on the pond dye, though heavy rain or intense sunlight may require additional treatments.
Directions for Use
Apply one 1 fl. oz. per 1000 gallons of pond water every month or as needed. To prevent staining, handle with care prior to dilution and dispersing in water. Use of gloves is recommended while applying product. Dye will not stain rocks, plants, pets, wildlife or people when dispersed and diluted in pond water. Chlorinated water will cause color to fade, requiring more frequent application.