Sludge Remover Bacteria


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Sublime Water Gardens Sludge Remover Bacteria contains a proven blend of enzyme producing pond bacteria which naturally reduces sludge build up that accumulates over time causing malodorous water features. This unique formulation is produced using a “no mess” 3g pellet with an 8oz scoop. Sludge Remover bacteria pellets are designed to remove organic sludge from the bottom of lakes and ponds. Sludge is the result of fish waste, dead algae or plant material, uneaten fish food, leaves and other debris. When introduced to the water, the pellets sink, dissolve and begin to remove bottom organic sludge — often several inches per year. Sludge Remover Pellets are great for spot treating problematic areas.

Maintenance dose: apply 1 scoop every 1-2 weeks.
Problematic dose: increase frequency to twice weekly.
Safe for all aquatic fish, plants, pets & wildlife.